Flynn Resigns

In my view it is no surprise to see something like this hit the Trump White House even so early on in his administration. Frankly it has been utter chaos since day one and there were very early warning sings that parts of the administration were compromised.

Clearly the D.O.J. informed the White house Counsel that there was a potential issue with Flynn as early as three weeks ago after they intercepted his call with Sergi Kislayak, the Russian ambassador. It appears that the Trump administration chose to ignore the warnings and aggressively go after the messenger Sally Yates instead.

Now members of the republican party are coming on morning news programs and saying it is time to “move on” “time to put the Flynn story behind us”. Can you imagine what the republicans would have been saying if this had happened under an Obama administration? A Hillary Clinton administration? I can only imagine the cries coming from the GOP and Mike Flynn himself asking to “lock her up”.

No – now is not the time “move on”. Now is the time to ask very specific questions about Mike Flynn and his actions. Specifically who knew what in the Trump administration and precisely when they knew it.

For more on the Mike Flynn resignation you can read this excellent article form Russel Berman on The Atlantic.


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