One for Canada, Eh!

Finally a world leader is prepared for the infamous Trump handshake. Read the entire article here.


Flynn Resigns

In my view it is no surprise to see something like this hit the Trump White House even so early on in his administration. Frankly it has been utter chaos since day one and there were very early warning sings that parts of the administration were compromised. Clearly the D.O.J. informed the White house Counsel … Continue reading Flynn Resigns

Trump’s Positive Market Impact?

A new article by one of the giant's among investing suggests that positive early market speculation towards the Trump presidency is just that; early and speculative. Seth A. Klarman runs Baupost Group in Boston and manages some $30 billion in assets. He has been compared to Warren Buffet and others and has even received praised … Continue reading Trump’s Positive Market Impact?


Islamic State sees chance to revive fortunes in Trump presidency

Reuters has an interesting article today that outlines why Donald Trump's position on the Islamic State falls right into the hands of ISIS. Trump's ban on the 7 majority countries and his administration's rhetoric that suggests Muslims somehow impose an immediate threat to the United States may give the extremists exactly what they are looking for. Many … Continue reading Islamic State sees chance to revive fortunes in Trump presidency


Breaking News

How to take fencing to a new level... Continue reading


The Atlantic – How to Build an Autocracy

David Frum has released a great article that strikes at the heart of the struggle within our democracy... Continue reading.


Advancing Cyber Resilience Principles and Tools for Boards

In today's world cyber resilience and cyber risk management can have direct impacts on an organization's reputation. As such the emerging trend within information security frameworks over the last decade has been to put the responsibility and accountability for managing these risks on top level executives. Many organizations are struggling with this emerging trend as they lack … Continue reading Advancing Cyber Resilience Principles and Tools for Boards